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Arise Program
Program Components
Chemical Dependency
   TCCHS utilizes a variety of educational and therapeutic techniques in this abstinence based program including: 

• Chemical Dependency education and group therapy • Cognitive Skills • Parenting Class and/or Family Group 
• Random Breathalyzer and Random UA's • Individual Counseling • Mental Health Group Therapy and  Individual Therapy
• Life skills classes • Relapse Prevention Skill Building • Mental Health group and individual

The chemical dependency  program is designed to guide clients through basic recovery principles using cognitive thinking techniques, vocational education, parenting, anger management, life skills classes, and community based programming . Woven through are key elements of the 12-steps abstinence-based treatment programming and cognitive skill-building/restructuring curriculum's. The program is delivered using group therapy techniques, one-to-one counseling, chemical dependency and mental health education, cognitive thinking modeling, role playing, classroom exchange delivery systems, and community mentoring and self help programming.

TCCHS has a 48 Hour outpatient program that is accepted by the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicle / Department of Public Safety; and,  a 24 Hour outpatient relapse prevention program. 
Cognitive Skills
Essentially,  the cognitive skill programming uses a variety of classroom, modeling, and role-playing techniques to teach offenders ways to change their thinking from criminal impulsive, destructive, antisocial thinking to pro-social thinking. The belief is if you change your thinking then  your behavior will change .

Life Skills
A variety of Life Skills classes and Community involvement are designed into the programming. Financial planning classes, social learning, and recreation are some examples. Financial Planning addresses budgeting and money management to help client’s foster savings and responsible money management. Recreation is designed to assist participants in developing their minds, bodies and spirits toward positive pro-social living.

DWI Education Programs
Our DWI Education Classes are as followed:​
LEVEL I - 8 Hours
LEVEL II - 16 Hours
LEVEL III - 20 Hours

Driving With Care: 
LEVEL I - 12 Hours
LEVEL II - 24 Hours